SABRE MX Enduro Handguard

Motocross and Enduro bikes

Code: SAB-1**


  • AUSTRALIAN MADE – “Aussie Made Aussie Tough”
  • SABRE single point mount (open ended) handguard.
  • Designed for Motocross and Enduro bikes.
  • Slim profile handlebar clamps for easy installation.
  • Clamps manufactured from high grade aluminium with adjustable fit in 2 side positions.
  • High impact resistant moulded plastic guards.
  • Low profile guard provides minimalist design with venting for increased airflow.
  • With top & bottom deflectors fitted, riders have the ultimate coverage from roost, trail debris and harsh environments.
  • Extensive range of deflector colours matched to popular motorcycle brands.
  • Complete set includes guards, top & bottom deflectors, plugs and all mounting hardware.
  • NOTE: This Single Point Mount product is not designed for impact protection.
Universal_Fit_U.png UNIVERSAL FIT

Product Codes

Code Colour  
SAB-1BK-BK Black/Black Add to Wishlist
SAB-1BK-BU Black/Blue Add to Wishlist
SAB-1BK-GR Black/Green Add to Wishlist
SAB-1BK-OR Black/Orange Add to Wishlist
SAB-1BK-PK Black/Pink Add to Wishlist
SAB-1BK-RD Black/Red Add to Wishlist
SAB-1BK-YE Black/Yellow Add to Wishlist
SAB-1BK-YH Black/Yellow HiViz Add to Wishlist
SAB-1BU-WH Blue/White Add to Wishlist
SAB-1GR-WH Green/White Add to Wishlist
SAB-1OR-WH Orange/White Add to Wishlist
SAB-1RD-WH Red/White Add to Wishlist
SAB-1WH-WH White/White Add to Wishlist
SAB-1YE-BK Yellow/Black Add to Wishlist
SAB-1YH-BK Yellow HiViz/Black Add to Wishlist


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