Just because a specific product isn't listed by our retailers (whether in-store or online) doesn't mean it's unavailable. We have distributors worldwide with ample stock who may carry the part you require. Simply contact your retailer with the reference you're seeking, and they'll gladly assist you in finding it.

When mounting our STORM guard onto a backbone, only one plastic saddle per guard is required, not 2. The pointy side of the guard is mounted on the backbone via a self-tapping screw.


We have an extensive list of bike models we have tested our products on or designed a specific kit for. Make sure to check the What fits my bike tool on our website. If your bike is not listed, please reach out to us using the contact us form.

Absolutely, Nearly every individual component in our kits is available for separate purchase as spares or replacement parts. Please note that while our retailers may not list them or keep them in stock, you can inquire about the specific part you need from your local Barkbusters dealer using the part numbers provided in our installation instructions.


Although the BBZ guard could technically fit over the JET, CARBON, and VPS guards when installed with a 2-point mount kit, we do not recommend doing so. However, the BBZ guard can be installed over the bare backbone (without the plastic guard).

Once you replace the OEM handlebar, our fitment recommendation becomes void since our test fitments are conducted on stock bikes. Please reach out to us, and we'll gladly assist you in finding a suitable fitment for your aftermarket handlebar.

It's unlikely that it would fit. Even if you've bought the same brand and bike model, the manufacturer might have altered the handlebars or other components. If you've bought a different bike, the fitment will likely be different. For this reason we offer specific kits.

We have ceased printing fitting instructions to lessen our environmental impact. However, you'll discover a QR code on our product packaging that directs you to our installation instructions. Additionally, we are creating more installation videos which can also aid you when installing your kit independently.