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You have selected Beta RR 498 (2013 on)

EGO (Two Point Mount)

Fitting Tips

RR 498 (2013 on)

May need to reposition clutch hose at master cylinder for additional clearance between the clamp and the hose.

Due to handlebar size, an additional saddle set is required.
Code: BSS-02

BARKBUSTERS EGO Handguard - Straight 22mm (Code: EGO-201) - GREEN

EGO Handguard - Two Point Mount (Straight 22mm)

Code: EGO-201

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BARKBUSTERS Spare Part – Saddle Set Tapered 25.5mm-26.5mm (Code: BSS-02)

Spare Part - Saddle Set (Tapered 25.5mm-26.5mm)

Code: BSS-02

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