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You have selected Beta RR 300 ENDURO (2017-2020)

VPS (Two Point Mount)

Fitting Tips

RR 300 ENDURO (2017 to 2020)

It is necessary to use the Left clamp on the RIGHT side, upside-down and the Right clamp on the LEFT side, upside-down.

On the LEFT side, the clamp will rest on the clutch master cylinder hose rubber cover which is unavoidable.

BARKBUSTERS UNIVERSAL Hardware Kit -Two Point Mount TAPERED (Code: BHG-152)

UNIVERSAL Hardware Kit -Two Point Mount (Tapered)

Code: BHG-152

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BARKBUSTERS VPS Guards (Code: VPS-003) - BLACK (supplied with BLACK wind deflectors)

VPS Plastic Guards Only

Code: VPS-003

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