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•	 Two mounting points secure full wrap-around aluminium design.
•	 Handguard profile ideal for bikes with long levers.
•	 Heat-treated aluminium backbone for maximum strength.
•	 Impact resistant plastic guards.
•	 Large range of colours matched to popular motorcycle brands.
•	 Easy installation.

                                                                                        Image courtesy of Actiongraphers
                                                                                               Rider: Emma Broadbent

                                                                  JET Plastic Guards Only

                                                                  TO FIT: BARKBUSTERS BACKBONE (EXCEPT EGO)

RELATED PRODUCTS                                                  CODE        COLOUR

                   Accessory – Bar End Weight (External)          JET-003-BK  Black
                                                                  JET-003-BU  Blue
                          CODE: B-066                             JET-003-GR  Green
                                                                  JET-003-OR  Orange
                   Accessory – LED Amber Light (Indicator)        JET-003-RD  Red
                                                                  JET-003-WH  White
                          CODE: LED-001                           JET-003-YE  Yellow

                   Accessory – LED White Light (Position)

                          CODE: LED-002

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